Enabling Your Users in an Era of Zero Trust Webinar

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Enabling Your Users in an Era of Zero Trust Webinar

May 13th, 11 AM PT 


Bil Harmer, Chief Evangelist and CISO at SecureAuth

Lee Hutcheson, CISO at Bass Pro Shops

Digital Transformation is profoundly impacting businesses of all sizes and across every industry. The traditional datacenter is not what it used to be. And for many organizations’ applications, services, and infrastructure are delivered via SaaS or IaaS services changing the complexity of the modern datacenter. This evolution is creating efficiency and increasing productivity but also introducing risk that security and risk management professionals must contend with every day. It is essential for businesses and their security leaders to ensure users can access the appropriate tools and resources when and from where they wish. The reality is the security perimeter has changed and now extends well beyond the office to include coffee shops, hotels, airports, home offices, and more. Digital transformation is truly a journey that is impacting the business, workforce, partners, and customers.

Join us as our CISO and Chief Evangelist, Bil Harmer, meets with Lee Hutchenon, CISO with Bass Pro Shops – a leading retail and manufacturing business - to discuss how he and his organization is deftly navigating the balance between security and user enablement for their distributed user environment to proactively support IT initiatives and drive business objectives.