ISMG Webinar (EAST Region)

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ISMG Webinar (EAST Region)

Identity Transformation: The Future is Now

In this digitally transformed world, where workforce and customers alike interact with you from any location, via any device and platform, identity is everything – in some cases, it is the only thing between your organization and a costly breach.

But how do you know with certainty that your users are who they purport to be? How have you evolved your identity strategy beyond mere user names and passwords? Do you have a roadmap to a passwordless future – and if so, where are you on that journey?

Please join ISMG’s Tom Field for an exclusive Virtual Roundtable that will draw from the experiences of the attendees, offering thoughts on how emerging technologies and strategies can “bring trust back to a zero-trust world.”

Discussion topics will include:

  • Why users are not the weakest link in the security chain;
  • What are the most effective components of a true multifactor authentication strategy?
  • What is the future of secure identity – and what are the important milestones along the way?

Joining Tom to provide expert insight and case studies is Bil Harmer, Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Evangelist at SecureAuth.