Moving Beyond Passwords Webinar

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Moving Beyond Passwords Webinar

Join us on World Password Day - Thursday, May 7th at 1:00pm ET/10:00am PT.

Business and IT leaders are initiating digital transformation across the organization to accelerate strategic initiatives in order to drive competitive advantage, exceed customer expectations, and deliver business outcomes. A critical component to consider as part of any digital transformation journey is your approach to enterprise security. The data clearly demonstrates that passwords alone no longer provide the appropriate level of protection, nor confidence, required to secure valuable resources.

During this webinar, SecureAuth’s VP of Product Management, Rich Gibsen, will discuss the following:

1. Why passwords are expensive and easily compromised
2. Why two-factor authentication is not enough
3. How the evolution to passwordless is a journey

You’ll leave this webinar with a clear understanding of how to deploy a modern access management solution to improve security, increase efficiency, and enable passwordless authentication capabilities to truly protect your business.