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    Remove password disruptions for users and protect access with modern identity security.

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Enterprise single sign-on (SSO) provides a seamless experience by enabling workforce and customer identities to provide credentials once and gain access to many applications and systems. Adaptive and multi-factor authentication ensure only the right users at the right time.

Deliver single sign-on (SSO) across all on-prem, cloud, and legacy systems

Deliver single sign-on (SSO) across all on-prem, cloud, and legacy systems

The SecureAuth®Identity Platform supports a wide breadth of federation protocols and even offers SSO solutions for homegrown or legacy applications that present challenges. Organizations can offer users seamless access to their entire estate, regardless of where or what the system is.

Modern authentication improves security of single sign-on

While single sign-on delivers many benefits, most companies overestimate the level of security SSO provides. Without strong authentication capabilities in front, SSO creates higher identity risk by becoming a single point of multiple compromises. SecureAuth counters this risk with the industry’s deepest set of multi-factor authentication methods and adaptive authentication risk checks.

Modern authentication improves security of single sign-on

Save significant productivity by limiting user disruptions

Key benefits

Complete coverage

Complete coverage

SecureAuth offers the broadest set of federation protocol support among all single sign-on solutions. You can easily enable all on-prem, cloud, legacy, and homegrown systems for a seamless user experience.

identity security

Easy access requires strong identity security

SecureAuth offers the industry’s strongest identity security by combining multi-factor authentication with the deepest set of context and risk checks, helping you improve the authentication process.

Save help desk costs

Deployment freedom

Gain the freedom to choose between hybrid, on-prem, or cloud deployments, and the flexibility to evolve in the future, without compromising SSO functionality.

Improve user productivity

Improve user productivity

Removing authentication disruptions for users via SSO means they gain faster access to systems in order to do their job. Remove barriers and get more productivity from users.

Productivity Calculator

Productivity calculator

Saving user time by reducing password requirements can result in significant labor cost savings. Calculate your single sign-on (SSO) savings.

Solution Brief

Solution brief

The SecureAuth® Identity Platform brings together single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, adaptive authentication, and self-service tools to ensure a seamless user experience coupled with the industry’s most advanced identity security.

White paper

White paper

Increase security without increasing user disruptions. This paper explores the anatomy of an attack and how common authentication is insufficient. Learn how risk-based adaptive authentication increases security & improves the user authentication experience.

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