SecureAuth Identity Platform FAQ

What was announced?


Significant enhancements to the company’s award-winning hybrid access management solution, the SecureAuth® Identity Platform (formerly SecureAuth IdP). For the first time, CISOs and IT professionals can deploy the same capabilities in a hybrid, on-prem or cloud, model, so they can address business demands of agility and dramatically improving identity security. Additional updates include a simplified administration experience, and enhanced access security, including the introduction of a dynamic perimeter adaptive risk check.

Through usability enhancements and now more than 30 authentication methods, organizations are able to offer frictionless security to end users driving increased engagement. For workforce identity this improves employee productivity and for customer identity this increased engagement improves conversion and ultimately revenue.

The company also announced the SecureAuth Intelligent Identity Cloud, delivering advanced security, user experience, analytics, administration and extensibility functionality out-of-the-box. The cloud-based service employs a big-data approach to identity intelligence, increasing identity security by recognizing legitimate users and stopping bad actors.

When will the SecureAuth Intelligent Identity Cloud be available?

The service processes more than 5 million transactions each day for more than 500 SecureAuth customers and is available to provide advanced adaptive risk based authentication to customers of other identity products including Okta, Ping Identity, Duo, CA, Oracle and others.

What is meant by “Freedom of Deployment?”

The SecureAuth Identity Platform is the only access management solution that provides the same interface and capabilities for all environments – hybrid, cloud, or on-prem,  delivering ultimate deployment freedom. This fulfills the needs of enterprises who require deployment flexibility and do not want to implement multiple solutions with varying capabilities.

What administration changes were made?

The new simple administrative interface accelerates the creation and administration of authentication workflows, delivering Updates include:

  • Identity Security Intelligence: Real-time reports assist administrators to see key metrics at a glance. This continuous and real-time reporting provides better insight into identity security.
  • Global policies and settings: Reusable adaptive authentication policies and global MFA settings enable customers to centrally build and manage policies and settings. When changes are needed, modifications are made once and auto-propagated across the environment, simplifying the creation and administration of secure and convenient authentication experiences.

What security enhancements were announced?

With this release, SecureAuth expands upon the largest number and broadest set of risk-based adaptive authentication and MFA methods by introducing a dynamic perimeter risk check, biometric capabilities, and the Intelligent Identity Cloud.

  • Dynamic Perimeter: This new adaptive authentication risk check reduces authentication disruptions for users who regularly move about in a campus-like environment after they have successfully authenticated. With Dynamic Perimeter, users are not burdened with unnecessary MFA disruptions when they have not traveled outside of a pre-defined perimeter within a specified time period.
  • Biometric MFA: Biometric MFA capabilities provide a secure, seamless user experience if a mobile device is used as part of the authentication process. Administrators can enable face or fingerprint biometrics from mobile devices, ensuring the user is the owner of the device.
  • SecureAuth Intelligent Identity Cloud: Simplifying the delivery of extremely secure, streamlined user experiences through deeper visibility into the authentication attempts of all your identities, the SecureAuth Intelligent Identity Cloud provides key building blocks to enhance your identity management program. This includes a broad set of adaptive authentication risk checks that employ a big-data approach to identity intelligence, increasing identity security by identifying legitimate users and stopping bad actors. This functionality is provided out-of-the-box, without the need for cumbersome implementations and integrations with third-party services.

When will SecureAuth Identity Platform be available?

The SecureAuth Identity Platform is now available to early access customers, and will be rolled out generally in early Q3 2019.