Deploy Secure, EPCS and HIPAA Compliant Identity Access Management for Healthcare Payers and Providers

Personally identifiable information (PII) of consumers interacting with healthcare organizations remains a top target for bad actors and cybercriminals. Implement a strong identity and access management program to protect consumer data, as well as, your own systems and applications.

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Enable Secure and Seamless Access for Every User

Analyze the risk of each authentication request. Only authentication requests that generate unacceptable levels of risk, as configured by the organization, should require a two-factor authentication step.

Optimize user workflows

Healthcare organizations need two-factor authentication that’s so easy to use, users aren’t aware that it’s there, or, even better, authentication that can reduce the number of clicks users endure when logging in.

Interoperate with existing infrastructure

Interoperability is an important aspect of being able to deploy two-factor authentication across all of your assets.

Facilitate adoption across the entire user base

Organizations need to be able to strategically add security in a way that makes life easier for users, including employees, external or non affiliated partners, patients, and members.

Ensure ease of use

Too many healthcare organizations leave their assets vulnerable because it’s more important to preserve user workflows. The right solution will never force you to make that compromise.

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Increase Security without Sacrificing User Experience


Gather identity intelligence to make better access decisions

Analyzing device, location, IP address, and behavior to better understand who wants access

Strengthen security without user disruption

Increase security without impacting users

More pre-authentication risk checks than any other vendor

Increase authentication choice & flexibility

Deliver the right access control

Nearly 30 MFA methods to choose from

Tailor the Process

Tailor authentication experiences

To different user types and systems

Reduce IT burden & increase productivity

Maintain productivity & reduce help desk calls

With user self-service tools

user productivity

Improve user experience

Protect against password fatigue with single sign-on


Optimize, rather than replace, existing security investments

With our standards-based architecture, we just fit it


Deploy your way

Choose between hybrid, on-prem, or cloud delivery

Start Using SecureAuth EPCS and HIPAA-Compliant Identity Access Management

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