Passwordless Authentication

Hackers can't steal what isn't there.

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Subtract passwords to add security

Subtract passwords to add security

Combining multi-layered risk analysis with fingerprint biometrics and a mobile app, can eliminate the "knowledge" portion of authentication. Removing the password altogether increases authentication security. Biometrics combined with multiple risk checks of device, location, IP address, and behavior achieves better protection than any password or 2FA method alone — and enhances the user experience.

Add SecureAuth to subtract passwords

tangible savings

Tangible savings

Remove up to 60% of your help desk calls by eliminating passwords — savings that really add up.

user productivity

Improved user productivity

Eliminate wasted time and keep users productive longer by reducing the need for help-desk password resets.

less risk

Less risk of compromised credentials

Without passwords, there’s less chance an attacker can successfully compromise user credentials to gain access.

no password fatigue

No password fatigue

Without passwords to remember, and password policies to create and enforce, users and IT staff are more productive.

solution brief

Solution brief

Passwordless authentication: Confidently remove the password and its baggage.

White Paper

White Paper

Making Passwordless Possible. How SecureAuth is eliminating passwords while improving security and user experience.

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Why Gary Doesn't Need Passwords Anymore

Digital transformation initiatives and evolving user expectations are challenging organizations of all sizes.  Your priority is securing and protecting valuable resources without introducing disruption to the business.  The Solution: Passwordless authentication to increase security and improve the user-experience.

The password is no longer a secret but a liability